The GoPro Hero 12 Black features dual-channel audio and a lower price

While we were hoping for a completely new and larger sensor, the GoPro Hero 12 Black mainly brings some small updates. A bit disappointing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good or even the best action camera.

Because the starting price for the GoPro Hero 12 Black is now lower than previous models, and there are indeed new features added. Think of Dual Channel Audio recording and recording in 8:7 aspect ratio while holding the GoPro 12 Black horizontally.


External Microphone Support

It is now possible to use external microphones via Bluetooth. Thanks to the new Dual Channel Recording, which means you can record on two separate audio tracks, you can simultaneously record both internal and external audio. It supports Apple AirPods and other Bluetooth microphones, headphones, and audio devices.

Of course, the GoPro 12 Black also works with the DJI Mic, a microphone that you can attach to the action camera for recording clear and sharp sound. Voice commands are also still available, so you don’t have to touch the camera while you’re on the move.


When using the GoPro MediaMod, it’s also possible to record sound simultaneously from the front and rear microphones. These can then be mixed separately during editing.

Timecode Sync

Timecode synchronization is designed for videographers who have multiple GoPro 12 Black cameras running simultaneously. Thanks to Timecode, you can easily synchronize the footage from all cameras. This saves a lot of editing time in multi-camera setups.

No New Sensor

A major disappointment is that GoPro did not make the sensor of the 12 Black larger, whereas DJI did that with the Osmo Action 4. While the Action 4 uses a 1/1.3-inch sensor, the GoPro 12 retains the same 1/1.9-inch sensor as the GoPro 11 Black.

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GoPro Hero 12 Black Video

New on the GoPro Hero 12 Black is the ability to record HDR video in 5.3K at 60fps, 4K at 60fps, and 120fps in standard video. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and ensures that the image looks more like what we see with our eyes. This means that more information is captured in the shadows and highlights.

LUTs and Log Footage

Another new feature, again focused on filmmakers, is the ability to shoot in GP-Log. Log footage provides a wider dynamic range and gives a cinematic feel to your video. By applying the GoPro LUT (free), you can instantly give the LOG footage the right natural colors.

Vertical Shots and HyperSmooth

The GoPro Hero 11 Black introduced the 8:7 sensor, allowing you to shoot vertical shots while holding the GoPro horizontally. The elongated vertical shots are easy to share on social media.

HyperSmooth has been updated to version 6 and has a new feature: AutoBoost. This analyzes the field of view and adjusts the stabilization automatically. This should result in better stabilization and a 360-degree Horizon Lock.

Battery Life Doubled

According to GoPro, the Enduro Battery now lasts twice as long.

  • 70 minutes continuous recording in 5.3K at 60fps
  • 95 minutes continuous recording in 5.3K at 30fps
  • 155 minutes continuous recording in1080 at 30fps
  • All time indications are with HyperSmooth 6.0 enabled.

Other GoPro 12 Black Updates

The new action camera has a redesigned menu that is easier to navigate than that of previous versions. GoPro has also released the Max Lens Mod 2.0, which gives you a field of view of 177 degrees. The new Lens Mod 2.0 is more scratch-resistant than previous versions, and with this lens attachment, you get a wider 4K 60fps field of view than any other action camera.

You can also use a new Extension Pole and a waterproof Shutter Remote. The long selfie stick can be collapsed for easy portability. The large red shutter button can be worn on your arm or hung on your bike, allowing you to start or stop recording with a single press.

What Does the GoPro Hero 12 Black Cost?

The GoPro Hero 12 Black is now available starting at $399.99 as a standalone action camera or in various configurations:

  • GoPro 12 Black Creator Edition
  • GoPro 12 Black Power Kit
  • GoPro 12 Black Starters Kit
  • GoPro 12 Black Adventure Kit
  • GoPro 12 Black Sports Kit

When Is the GoPro Hero 12 Black Available?

The GoPro Hero 12 Black was released on September 8, 2023, and pre-orders are available.

What’s New on the GoPro Hero 12 Black?

  • Dual Channel audio recording
  • 8:7 horizontal mode recording
  • GP-log 10-bit video (Log-video)
  • 1/4-inch tripod mount
  • GoPro Quick Desktop App for subscribed customers
  • Max Lens Mod 2.0 for 177-degree field of view

What’s Improved on the GoPro 12 Black?

  • Wideview 5.2K
  • Hypersmooth 6.0

The updates on the 12 Black are small, but fortunately, the starting price is lower than previous models. We will let you know how good the action camera really is when we have had the chance to test and review the GoPro 12 Black. Does the 12 Black belong to the best action cameras of the moment, or are the updates too minimal? We will see!

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