The Leica Q3 has major improvements, but remains an expensive camera

The Leica Q3 is on the market and has major improvements over its predecessor. The same sensor and lens are used, but it all works just a bit smoother.

The Leica Q2 still is a popular camera that could become even more interesting if prices drop with the arrival of the Q3. The full frame compact camera is perfect for street and travel photography, and the Q3 has now made big strides in film as well.


Latest BSI CMOS sensor

The Leica Q3 uses the latest BSI CMOS sensor, which has 60 megapixels. However, it is possible to shoot in 36MP or 18MP to save space and speed up the process. A complete sensor readout is used for each option, giving you a larger dynamic range at your disposal. The ISO values range from 50 to 100,000 and the latest Maestro IV image processor with L2 Technology ensures smooth operation.


Filming in 8K

Being able to film in 8K resolution is becoming the new standard, and Leica is making sure they keep up. The H.265 and Apple’s ProRes codes are both supported internally. Connecting to external devices such as gimbals, power banks and recorders is possible via the HDMI and USB-C connections.


Fixed 28mm lens

The Q3 is a compact camera, which means that it has a fixed, non-interchangeable lens. The Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH is the same as that of its predecessor and gives a wide angle that can be used for many purposes. Although zooming in is not possible, there is a digital zoom that goes up to 90mm. The minimum focal length is 30 centimeters, but this becomes 17 centimeters when you set the lens to Macro. Make sure that you open the aperture fully, to get as much in focus as possible.


Handy image tools

The Perspective Control (LPC) function helps to straighten lines that sometimes distort in the image. Think of lines in architecture and buildings. The Leica Dynamic Range (LDR) helps to take pictures in JPEG with a wide dynamic range. This is actually the HDR mode of the camera.

Greatly improved autofocus in the Leica Q3

It is the autofocus in the Leica Q3 that has made great strides. The hybrid autofocus uses phase detection, enabling precise focus and tracking. The focus recognizes people, faces and eyes, but animals are also recognized.


Specifications of the Leica Q3 body

On the back of the Q3 is an OLED viewfinder processed with 5.76-megapixels, which can be used for composition. The 3-inch touchscreen can now also tilt, which makes shooting from awkward angles a lot easier. It also makes the camera more suitable for recording videos. Thanks to the IP52 certification, the camera is completely weatherproof.


Easier to connect with other devices

With the Leica Photos App, transferring material is easier than ever, via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or the special iPhone and iPad cable. Via the app, it is possible to apply the classic Leica looks to the photos.


Wireless charging

It’s true, wireless charging is a possibility. You need the optional Charging Pad and Grip for this.

Price and availability Leica Q3

The Leica Q3 costs $5995, which certainly makes it a pricey camera for what it can do. You are assured of the highest quality, but image and brand certainly play a role in this high price. The Leica Q3 is available in well-known camera stores.

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