Pentax releases compact film camera and DSLR lenses

Pentax shows that old times are resurrected, but also that they cannot and will not let go of the past. With two new SLR camera lenses and a compact camera with a roll of film, Pentax ensures that old style photography is alive and kicking again.

A compact film camera

What the new camera looks like is not yet clear, but it is certain that it is a compact camera with a roll of film. This means that lenses cannot be exchanged, but zooming in is possible.

Pentax has chosen to build a manual winding mechanism in the camera. After each photo, the user must therefore manually rotate the roll. The idea of Pentax and the new mechanism is that they could possibly put this in new analog SLRs if there is a demand for it. Pentax even had to call in an old team of specialists because the current team knew nothing about mechanical turnaround systems.

Relive old times

Pentax and the team want to ensure that users experience the real ‘old’ experience. For example, the sound of the spinning system would sound the same as it sounded years ago. Although old times are revived, the system is placed in an entirely new camera.

It is not yet known when this new old camera will be released, but Ricoh, the parent company of Pentax, is busy working on it.

New analogue SLR cameras

The mechanism to rotate the film is made for the compact camera, but can also be used in new SLR cameras. According to the company, new analog models will also appear on the market.


The classic 50mm f/1.4 lens

More DSLR lenses

In addition to the development of analog cameras, Pentax also seems to be releasing two new DSLR lenses. These are two 50mm prime lenses. The first is the HD Pentax FA 50mm f/1.4 and the second the HD Pentax FA f/1.4 Classic. It is mainly the appearance that will differ, but the construction inside is the same.


The lenses are rumored to cost around €350. The Classic lens, with green ring, will be slightly pricier.




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